Scientific Reasons Why Everyone Must Keep A Cat

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Being someone who adopted a cat much later in life, I will always feel bad for not getting one sooner. A cat just completes your family. No matter how many other pets you keep, the presence of a cat is just like a cherry on the top. Even though there are a lot of benefits of keeping a pet, here are some scientific reasons why you must adopt a cat:

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1. Owning a cat is better for the environment than keeping a dog. That is because cats mostly consume food that does not leave behind a lot of waste. 

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2. Cats can help you deal with loss. I have a cat and every time I am really upset, my cat somehow figures it out. It makes you feel better to talk to someone who will not judge you and just hear you out.

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3. Women are attracted a lot more to men who own cats. A survey conducted in the UK indicates that 90% women find men who have cats nicer than the rest.

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Scientific Reasons Why Everyone Must Keep A Cat

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