Scientists Believe The Chicken We Eat Are Being Slaughtered While Conscious

Around 9 billion chickens are slaughtered every year in the United States. Recently the poultry industry has revealed that these responsive animals are generously dazed into unconsciousness before a sharp industrial blade is used to slit the chicken’s head off.

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But scientists have something else to say. They have come up with a more grisly conclusion suggesting that in fact the process used to stun the birds by moving them through a vat of electrified water does not unswervingly provide that the birds become anesthetized before slaughter. And as a result of this cruel habit, the chickens we eat have gone through intense suffering when they are slaughtered.

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The extent of pain that these chickens suffer during the process is almost certainly vast. Even just 1 percent of these chickens not effectively getting stunned means around 90 billion chickens in U.S. suffer painful and violent death.

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U.S. has no laws or regulations governing the way chickens are slaughtered in the poultry industry. And due to immense public pressure regarding the inhumane slaughter, Perdue, U.S. poultry producer, pledged this year to abandon the use of electric water baths.  More other major poultry producing companies have been pressured by animal protection groups to follow suit. These water baths have specific electricity settings that can adjust features like voltage, current, and frequency. Low frequency charged water baths increase not the only the chance of the bird getting stunned but also that its carcass will receive a lot of damage further causing ruptured blood vessels and fractured bones.

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Scientists Believe The Chicken We Eat Are Being Slaughtered While Conscious

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