Creating Babies Was Never This Easy!

Scientists have some surprising news for us.

Not sure if it is a good surprise or a bad surprise, but it is a surprise nonetheless.

Scientists claim that in the future, human beings could quite possibly be able to produce babies without eggs. This is mind boggling. These particular scientists have an explanation to go with their claim. Now, don’t they always?


Earlier this year, scientists successfully created baby mice by fooling the mice sperms into believing as if they were fertilizing a real egg.

The University of Bath first took an unfertilized egg in their experiment and then by the use of some chemicals they tricked the unfertilized eggs into becoming a pseudo-embryo.  The artificial embryo shares a lot of similarities with other ordinary cells, like skin cells. They control and divide their DNA.

The baby mice were healthy and had normal life expectancy and later had their own healthy kids though the odds of conceiving were quite low i.e. 1 in 4.

Consequently, the researchers concluded that one-day humans too might create babies by cells that are not eggs and trick them like how they did with sperms and pseudo-embryos in the case of these mice.


One of the researchers, Dr. Tony Perry in a conversation with BBC said, “This is the first time that anyone has been able to show that anything other than an egg can combine with a sperm in this way to give rise to offspring.” He also stated, “It overturns nearly 200 years of thinking.”

The aim of the researchers is to understand the mechanics of fertilization because it is still a mystery to humans as to what happens after a sperm fertilizes an egg.


Dr. Perry said: “One possibility, in the distant future, is that it might be possible that ordinary cells in the body can be combined with a sperm so that an embryo is formed.”

If this actually happens, it would change a lot of things and would have a huge impact on human societies.

With women out of the reproduction process, the whole pro choice and pro life debate could take a 180 turn.

Two men could potentially make a baby by one giving his sperm and the other his ordinary cell.

Even a single man could create a baby by using his sperm as well as an ordinary cell. Consequently, the child he would produce would be like a nonidentical twin.

The result is yet ambiguous. However, if scientists achieve what they have set out to achieve, it would be one of the biggest accomplishments human beings have ever had. This would be historical!




Creating Babies Was Never This Easy!