Secret World Discovered Beneath Antarctic Ice Revealed [Watch Here]

Source: unilad

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) was retrieving a data recorder from O’Brien Bay, near the Casey Research Station in East Antarctica when they made a very unusual discovery. The group had used a camera and a data recorder for their job but it was only when the camera and data recorder were taken back out of the ocean, that they realized, what they had captured, was not what they had expected.

Via: unilad

Coconut-shaped sponges, dandelion-like worms, pink algae, urchins, sea cucumbers and spider-shaped starfish were all over the footage, giving scientists a better insight into what can actually be found at the depths of the frozen sea.

Via: youtube

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“It’s an area that we have been working very close to for a long time, but we’ve never actually dived or put any cameras down,” Dr Glenn Johnstone said. “It was a great surprise to find such a beautiful, vibrant environment.”

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Johnstone explained that the secret underwater world hides under a 1.5 meter (5ft) thick ice sheet and is 30 meters (98ft) deep. The ice protects the underwater world from storms.

Via: youtube