One Of The BIGGEST Secrets Kept From Humanity: The Pineal Gland!

Science progresses towards more advanced knowledge of the human body every day. Modern times deny spirituality and explore what is physical, ignorant towards the fact that it is impossible to conquer all and there are things that are beyond what can be experimented on in a laboratory. Biology and other disciples of study have facilitated world powers in deceiving common man and in keeping empowering information guarded.  This is why the body parts whose functions are unknown are presented through theory as useless while others are studied at the surface level, never considering that they might have a higher purpose. Contemporary medical education does its best to prevent anything from getting the status of a mystery.



One of such organs is the cone shaped “Pineal glad” present in the middle of the human brain. It’s known function is to release hormones that control your sleeping patterns but the gland is believed to be our “Ajna Chakra” in the Hindu tradition and the “Third Eye” by various schools of mysticism. This means that it is what connects our body with the metaphysical world.

All philosophies that do not accept the presence of a spirit inside us that makes us who we are, limit our existence to being purposeless. The soul that dwells inside us is much more powerful than the body. Shapeless, ageless, genderless, weightless, it surpasses all limitations. Getting your soul and your body into harmony is the key to achieving whatever you wish in life, and activating your pineal gland is the method.

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Contented is the one who is conscious and has self-awareness. The more awake is your pineal gland, the closer is your connection to your inner being and the stronger is your ability to control your mood, your desires, your circumstances and even your destiny until you get enlightened enough to influence the actions of others around you through building a communication channel between your own brain and theirs. A well-polished pineal gland develops the ability to absorb wisdom and energy from the universe, the “Kundalini Shakti”. It receives all the nourishment that nature has to offer.


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Asma Tariq

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One Of The BIGGEST Secrets Kept From Humanity: The Pineal Gland!

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