13 Amazing Secrets That A Tattoo Artist Will Never Tell You About

Close up tattoo artist demonstrates the process of getting black and red tattoo with orange paint. Master works on the professional blue mat in black sterile gloves.

Being a tattoo artist seems like an easy job to a normal human being. How hard could it be to draw on human skin? But the truth is that though it seems easy, this job has got to be one of the toughest ones out there. So we brought a few secrets for you today from the other side of the table which will let you know that being a tattoo artist is not as easy as it seems to be.

Their bodies hurt too.

The continuous punching and keeping their hand in one position for as long as they can, it hurts.

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You cannot become a tattoo artist overnight. You start by being an apprentice.

The process to get into this industry requires time. Lots of time. Years of practice, observance and patience is needed to reach a level where you can call yourself a professional tattoo artist.

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But being an apprentice is hard.

That’s right. Your boss can tell you to do anything. Anything at all, like getting your nose or navel pierced and you’ll have to do it. No arguments at all. They just want to see to what lever are you committed to your passion.

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They start by practicing on themselves.

It is true. The first thing they get to tattoo on is their own skin.

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13 Amazing Secrets That A Tattoo Artist Will Never Tell You About

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