16 Times These Selfies Went A Little Too Out of Hand

“Selfies or it did not happen?”

How often has something like this happened to you? Yes, selfies are a global phenomenon, but are they going in the right direction?

Here are a few times selfies went in the wrong direction:

1. Here is how a selfie from the Princess Tower in Dubai look likes.

It might not be an ideal place to take a selfie for someone with a weak heart.

Via: Vorply

2. This person at the fire department chose the wrong time for a selfie.

Dude, you can smile later. Go and save people first.

Via: Vorply

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3. Here is how to literally ‘chill’ on ice and have fun.

Love how wood is somehow the selfie stick.

Via: Vorply

4. Here is how you can be a sailor in the sky.

Via: Vorply