Sexual Content On Cartoons That We Didn’t Understand Then

There were some cartoons that we all grew up watching: Cow and Chicken, Ed Edd and Eddy, Rugrats, Hey Arnold etc. However, we were all too young and naive then to realize that some of the content we were seeing was a little too much for our young minds.

Jam (@surfbortx) on Twitter decided to make a list of some of such cartoons in a thread of tweets on Twitter. Check them out:

1. We are definitely not getting any other ideas about male bonding.

2. Back then, the only meaning the word sausage had for us was a food item.

Our clean and non-polluted minds back then!

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3. Remember when we were completely okay with these biker women coming on Cow and Chicken?

Seriously who approves all this?

4. Okay seriously, what is with all these sexual references in cartoons for children?



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Sexual Content On Cartoons That We Didn’t Understand Then

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