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So we all have deep and dark family secrets that no one really tells us about, but these people found out those secrets and decided to share them with the world. Check out these deep secrets and be prepared to lose your humanity with one secret at a time:

1. So this guy married a woman and she was always secretive about her family. One day she confessed that they were very pro-Nazis.

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2. In an angry vent, this person’s mother revealed how most of the kids in her family were illegitimate. 

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3. This girl’s grandmother’s cousin had been married for 40 years. After her husband died, she found a journal which revealed that he had been with another man as well. 

He was always so nice to her that it was difficult believing it.

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4. This guy’s father first cheated on his mother and then mocked his son for leaving the Marines. The father’s sister revealed how much that man hated the Marines while he was in it until he got out for being a flat foot.

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