Simple Tips For People Who Want To Reconnect With Their Partner

Be Positive

Instead of avoiding issues and conversations related to your future, be positive. Imagine all the possibilities for your future and be ready to explore them together. Talk about things you haven’t before. The key is to always remain positive. “When we pay attention to the heights where we want our relationship to go rather than the depths we fear it will sink to, it forecasts greater connectedness and contentment with our partner,” says Parker.

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Practice Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness through exercises. Do not hold yourself back from asking what you’re feeling and observe the sights and sounds around you. Observe what your partner’s doing and identify emotions that may be getting in the way of your relationship. This will help you gain control over your behavior.

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Good Qualities

It’s easy to pick the flaws of your partner. But if you want to repair your relationship or make it healthier than it already is, focus on their good qualities, things that make you fall in love with them every day. “Our happiness with our partner is linked to how much we shine a spotlight on all that’s wonderful, admirable, and delightful in him or her,” says Parker. “So instead of fixating on your partner’s forgetfulness, reflect on their witty sense that keeps you laughing. And take the less dazzling elements of your partner and try reframing them in a more charitable loving light, like turning your partner’s tendency to be gullible into an admirable willingness to be trusting.”

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Simple Tips For People Who Want To Reconnect With Their Partner

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