An Intern Caught Napping Became the Subject of a Photoshop War

If there is one valuable advice we can give you? It is, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP DURING WORK. In case that’s not enough to compel you to stay awake, just ask this intern at ad agency Iris Worldwide in Atlanta, who dozed off on a Tuesday afternoon and upon waking up he found himself the subject of an office Photoshop battle within barely 10 minutes.

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Becca, a copywriter at the company, uploaded the pictures to Reddit, and said the intern was in on the joke and a good sport about the whole thing.

Via: reddit

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“Our Atlanta office especially has an amazing and unique culture that allows us to work incredibly hard, but goof off occasionally too,” Becca told Mashable.

Via: reddit

Our team doesn’t typically fall asleep on the job, but our office does have a lot of comfortable seating options and we occasionally play some Enya, so it was bound to happen eventually,” Becca told NYmag.

Via: reddit



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An Intern Caught Napping Became the Subject of a Photoshop War

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