Woman Arrested For Smuggling 19 Year Old Refugee In A Suitcase

Source: CNN

A young Moroccan woman was recently caught trying to smuggle a teenage African migrant by hiding him in her suitcase into Spanish territory.

Via: CNN

Authorities stopped the 22-year-old woman last week at a border crossing into Ceuta, one of the two Spanish enclaves in North Africa, from neighboring Morocco. A 19-year-old migrant from Gabon was found hiding inside the suitcase. The man was immediately given medical attention due to the lack of oxygen inside the compact travel bag, according to a statement by Spain’s Civil Guard.

Via: CNN

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Border control had naturally become suspicious of the woman after they noticed she was carrying her luggage on top of a trolley, authorities further added. Spanish officials said the woman showed an “evasive attitude while going through the established controls and nervousness” while she was speaking to the agents.

Via: CNN

This unfortunate incident comes a month after a four-week-old baby almost suffocated when he was being smuggled in a sports bag across the same border. The baby vomited over an officer when he was lifted out of the bag which had been sealed by a zip in the horrifying humid conditions.