15 Times When Social Media Got People Arrested

Social media is something that most of us are helplessly addicted to. However, it can get people arrested too!

Here are a few weird scenarios where people got arrested due to their use of the social media.

1. Nicholas Grove escaped prison and decided to show off on Facebook.

He uploaded his vacations photos on Facebook from Mexico and got caught.

Via: Ebaumsworld

2. So these two girls went on a trip to Rome and carved their names with a coin to take a selfie.

However, someone saw them do it and that selfie along with the carving got them heavily fined.

Via: Ebaumsworld

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3. This teenager murdered someone and recorded the scene via Snapchat.

Someone took a photo of it and reported him.

Via: Ebaumsworld

4. This smart woman here probably underestimated the power of the FBI.

Via: Ebaumsworld



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15 Times When Social Media Got People Arrested

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