Illustrations Depicting What Modern Society Honestly Is

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If you rewind your life a bit, I am sure that at some point you must have thought about how materialistic and pretentious we have become. How our society is now merely based on money and power. Every single person is running a race, not because he wants to win, but because everyone else is running too. And the saddest thing is that it is the truth. Our lives no longer depict solace or calm strolls in the park; they depict worry and haunt. We live on screens and create a life which is not even true, appreciate the idea of being different but grind the one who is. We live yet we don’t live, laugh yet we don’t smile. And we sleep yet we don’t find peace.

Therefore, we are sharing some illustrations which honestly show what modern society really is like.

Our social followings.

The real chase of our society.


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The efforts we make.


Do we actually think before we speak?




Rabbiya Abid

Pre-medical student who is madly in love with photography, writing and doodling along with staying in her room inside her own happy introverted bubble.

Illustrations Depicting What Modern Society Honestly Is

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