Solar Powered Houseboat Washes Up On Mayo Beach

A MAKESHIFT solar-powered houseboat has mysteriously washed ashore at Cross Beach, near Belmullet, Co. Mayo.

According to the authorities, the owner of the ‘floating caravan’ might have intended to sail on it but was talked out of it just moments before it broke loose in Newfoundland within the last few months.

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Locals who saw the boat come up on the shore on Cross beach were startled by the odd finding also initiating an emergency rescue mission by coast guard crew.

The 20ft timber and polystyrene boat was empty and no one was found aboard other than message scribbled on the inside of the boat which made it clear what the main purpose of the boat was.

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“I, Rick Small, donate this structure to a homeless youth to give them a better life that Newfoundlanders choose not to do!” it said.

No rent, no mortgage, no hydro

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Rick Small has already traveled 7000 kilometers across Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, on nothing but a solar powered cycle. He is an eco-adventurer from residing in Ontario.

According to officials, the Irish council is now in contact with Canadian counterparts.

“They said the owner was hoping to cross the Atlantic in it, but they managed to discourage him,” a spokesman said.

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Solar Powered Houseboat Washes Up On Mayo Beach

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