Street Photographer Tracks Down People He Captured 40 Years Ago To Recreate Their Pictures.

Ever wondered what you will look like 40 years from now? Fatter? Less hair? Probably happier than you are right now. Maybe money won’t be a problem by that time. Or maybe not, does anyone know? Don’t know about you guys, but we sure do know how these people will look like 40 years later. In the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, street photographer Chris Porsz spent hours walking around the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Great Britain), capturing hundreds of amazing characters. He took pictures of friends, siblings, punks, lovers, almost everybody. Now almost 40 years later, Chris thought of a reunion for his characters, and here we are. These pictures are bound to get you teary-eyed so grab your tissues and watch how life changed for all of these. Or maybe it didn’t, see for yourself!

  • Layla Gordon, now a housewife, pictured drinking her daily bottle of milk at school. “I still like milk but sadly it’s not free anymore,” she joked.


Via: Chris Porsz

  • Sisters, Emma and Anna, still as beautiful as ever. “It was hard trying to blow bubbles again after such a long time and took quite a few tries,” said Anna.


Via: Chris Porsz

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  • Punks (r to l) John Church, Gary Beckett, Ade Lawrence and Pippa Hodgson. Pippa now lives in Spain.


Via: Chris Porsz

  • Sadly, not much has changed for Neil since 1986.


Via: Chris Porsz



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Street Photographer Tracks Down People He Captured 40 Years Ago To Recreate Their Pictures.

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