Jokes That Only Stressed Out People Can Understand

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Whoever said adult coloring books helped you relieve stress, clearly doesn’t know what it’s like to be stressed. If anything, those intricate designs give me more stress than the usual. So now I’m just stressed about being stressed over the designs of the adult coloring book because somehow the majority says it should de-stress me. Is that even a word, ‘de-stress’? *wipes her brow*. Does having an opinion different from the majority make me a creep? *fidgets uncomfortably*

Stress, anxiety, depression, all of those tend to make life a little dull. Pressure from work, financial conditions, and family or relationship issues are the usual causes of being stressed. It’s not easy overcoming stress especially if we have a hard time expressing ourselves and opening up to people in our lives who could actually help us see the bright side of everything. If you’re one of those people who has been bottling up everything since forever and it’s becoming a little hard for you to function actively these days? We hope you read this. Here are a few super funny jokes from people who are clearly ‘stressed’ but decided to take it all out on social media. So put away that nasty and extremely useless adult coloring book and bookmark 9hive for the future.

Alternative title: Adulthood.

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What do you mean you’re going to have a ‘stress-free’ day?

When you tell somebody you’re stressed.



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Jokes That Only Stressed Out People Can Understand

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