Topless selfie student crashes into Texas police car

A 19-year-old student ran into the back of a police car in Texas while taking topless selfies. She was posing half nude for taking pictures using the Snapchat app to send them to her boyfriend while she was driving back to her dorm.


Miranda Rader said that she was taking a Snapchat photo for her boyfriend when the accident happened, said the texas police.

Freshman at Texas A & M University, Rader,  was charged with the possession of alcohol as a minor with driving while drunk.



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The police report states, the officer was on their duty and was responding to a disturbance that was earlier reported when he heard the wheels screeching and 4 x 4 slam into the back of the patrol car behind him.

The student had an open bottle of wine in one hand also, said Bryan police.

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Topless selfie student crashes into Texas police car

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