17 People Who Make You Want To Bang Your Head In A Wall

Do you have a friend who is just .. too slow that it actually hurts in your brain and you’re confused between whether to laugh or to cry for help? We here at 9hive have a collection sorted out for you too of similar people who just .. can’t .. live anymore!

Take a look at them below and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we did. WARNING: You might want to bang your head in a wall, so try not sitting close to one.

When your friend decides to speak out loud at a very, VERY wrong time!

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This one wants to know how to melt a tomato  ..

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That point in your life when adult fun becomes doing your taxes!

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Siri decided to take revenge on this poor guy ..

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That time when homo meant ‘homeless’ ..

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17 People Who Make You Want To Bang Your Head In A Wall

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