Here Is How Mesmerising Submerged Arc Welding Can Be

Submerged arc welding is an ordinary process that involves joining two metals using heat.

Via: TWI-Global

However, once you look at it closely, it looks extraordinary!

The process is carried out in the following steps:

An arc is formed between the electrode and the piece that you are working upon.

The arc is below the flux so it is not even visible via: Youtube

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A thin layer of flux powder is maintained on the work piece.

An arc is welding between two metal pipes with flux powder via: Youtube

As the arc moves, the excess flux powder is displaced and recycled.
(the flux powder is basically a binding agent.)

The hopper, black in color, is picking up the excess flux powder via: Youtube



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Here Is How Mesmerising Submerged Arc Welding Can Be

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