12 Stories About The Kardashians That You Have Never Heard Before

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When the Kardashians open up to the world, people line up with a million questions.

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Here are some stories that the Kardashians revealed through their applications which no one knew before:

1. Kylie Jenner and her lips

Kylie’s lips have always been a bit of a controversy, but the model confessed that she had got lip fillers which are temporary.

She is just not ready to discuss it with the media yet and calls it her insecurity.

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2. Kendall’s first kiss

Kendall had a friend and her crush over in grade 5, and they were playing truth and dare for obvious reasons.

Since Kylie wouldn’t leave them alone, they hid in the shower and that is where Kendall got her first kiss from Chad.

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3. Kourtney was a bad guest

Kourtney had her period on someone’s chair and that chair was worth $20,000!

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4. Khloe’s list of three odd places where she did it.

A private plane, a kitchen counter, and a moving car – in the order of thrill from most to least.

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12 Stories About The Kardashians That You Have Never Heard Before

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