Creepy Documentaries That You Need To Add To Your List Right Away

The best part about documentaries is that everything that happens in them is real which is why our emotions are at the peak while watching one. And if the documentary is a horror one? Well, it could be an absolutely terrifying experience. If you’re a total fan of documentaries, here are 10 stranger-than-fiction documentaries you need to add to your movie-watching queue right away. Probably the best ones to watch during a slumber party.

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1. The woman who wasn’t there (2012)

This documentary revolves around a New York City woman and 9/11 survivor named Tania Head, who managed to escape from the 78th floor of the World Trade Center, badly injured, and eventually became one of the founding members of the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network. Her story is a compelling one especially when you learn none of it is true. Tania, whose real name is Alicia Esteve Head, fooled hundreds of people over a period of several years, pretending to be a 9/11 survivor and the widow of a man who was killed in one of the towers. The creepy part is that the way she lies is totally convincing and the way she provides you with the details will send anyone shivers.

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2. Cropsey (2009)

If you’ve grown up in New York State, you might be familiar with the legend of “Cropsey,” an enigmatic killer who preyed upon misbehaving children. Directors Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio decide to find the origins of this childhood fable. But as you watch this documentary, you might end up realizing that this is not just a legend and there is some truth to it.

3. Child of rage (1990)

Beth Thomas looked like any other normal little girl when Child of Rage premiered on HBO in 1990. With round cheeks and big, innocent eyes, Thomas describes her home life to the therapist interviewing her on camera. But the way she describes her feelings to the therapist is very disturbing.

Thomas, a victim of sexual abuse describes how she often feels a murderous anger toward the people who love her the most and describes the violence she now inflicts on her family members. The film follows Thomas as she undergoes “attachment therapy” to treat her violent rage.



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Creepy Documentaries That You Need To Add To Your List Right Away

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