Creepy Documentaries That You Need To Add To Your List Right Away

4. Capturing the Friedmans (2003)

Capturing the Friedmans is a profile of an upper-middle-class family in 1980s suburban New York: parents Arnold and Elaine, and their three sons Seth, David, and Jesse. This family may seem completely innocent and normal but they are far from it. In 1987, Arnold Friedman is caught with child pornography and upon investigation, it is revealed that both Arnold and his son, Jesse have molested several underaged boys in their care, and the documentary follows the Friedman family as they await trial together in their suburban home.

5. The cove (2009)

Viewers in this film are taken to the coastal village of Taiji, Japan, where dolphins are brutally killed and captured for profit, all within one hard-to-locate and highly protected cove. The directors through this film have tried to expose this barbaric dolphin capturing industry.

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6. Interview with a cannibal (2011)

Interview With a Cannibal is a personal interview with Japanese-born Issei Sagawa who brutally murdered one of his classmates, a 25-year-old Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt. After Hartevelt’s murder, Sagawa raped and dismembered Hartevelt’s corpse and cannibalized it over a two-day period. He was briefly committed to a mental institution but checked himself out in 1986 and is now a free citizen. Sagawa lives a quiet and unassuming life in Japan today.

7. Suicide forest (2011)

The film is about Aokigahara, a patch of forest at the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan. It is a popular destination for all the wrong reasons. Several dozen Japanese citizens commit suicide there annually, most commonly from overdose or hanging. Throughout the film viewers see suicide victims, some skeletonized, others still hanging from trees.



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Creepy Documentaries That You Need To Add To Your List Right Away

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