This Is What Happened When #TextFail Trended On Twitter

Comedian and Talk-show host, Jimmy Fallon has always been giving us some of the funniest Twitter challenges we’ve ever seen and lately his current hit Twitter challenge #TextFail was no different. We’ve all sent the wrong text to someone or typed something that shouldn’t have and you certainly didn’t mean or sometimes the universe wanted to play tricks on you and auto-correct became the villain. People tweeted their worst and most embarrassing text fails and you’re not going to believe what they just texted. Check them out below. This is definitely going to help you get through work today.

I took five sh*ts and I dedicated one to YOU! Cause you my homie. Heart emoji.

Via: Twitter

Who else wants a divine intervention and a five hour energy? Hot cocoa will NEVER be the same again. Scarred for life.

Via: twitter

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Is that how you talk to your hairdresser? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

*Easiest Ways To Get Your Co-workers To Hate You*

Hey Amanda, I’m glad you shaved your mustache!

Wow, you’re FAT! But on a serious note, 12 minutes and a mile? Wow.



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This Is What Happened When #TextFail Trended On Twitter

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