The GODDESS Of Nepal – Yunika Bajracharya

“As man saw reality, so it became”. A phrase often heard now and then and today the man is leaving no marks of doubt here.

Her beauty couldn’t captivate the world as much as it imprisoned her desires. Before she could even sense the essence of words, the feelings- she was entrapped to be praised and practiced to be isolated and what not?

The age when she was supposed to play but got dogged by misfortune…

Yunika Bajracharya- A soul just seven years of age having eternal beauty is crowned to be a goddess in Patan- Nepal. Cleped as ‘Kumari’ wrapped in traditional attire and brightened in face paint – Centuries old tradition that implies the girl to present anyone with fortune who has a glimpse of her.

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“When my girl was chosen as a Kumari, I was exceptionally overwhelmed because of how widely ‘Kumari’ is respected by the society”, spoke Ramesh Bajracharya, her father.

While her mother Sabita Bajracharya expressed her feelings saying: “After Yunika got selected for a Kumari I was utterly sad to realize the fact that it’s too soon for her to sacrifice her little desires. But I got used to it by time. We make sure now that we provide her everything that she demands, whether that be dolls or toys or anything” Furthermore she said “Her friends come over to play with her inside the house and she feels delighted whenever they give her a visit”

The 7 years old was named a Kumari when she was just 4. She appropriately met the specific physical attributes of a Kumari. From an unblemished body to a Cow like eyelashes. Deer like thighs and a Duck’s voice. The topping on the cake was that her visionary graph was viewed as ideal to the king of Japan. Making it the first and foremost criteria to be a goddess.  The girl got even more admiration when the Prime Minister of Nepal Pushpa Kamal Dahal bowed and laid his eyes on her feet at a festival earlier in July.

Yunika Parent’s had to give up their jobs to stay with her all the time for she was to be cared much more than before.

Now the practice’s motivation has gone up to an extraordinary level ever since the 7.8 earthquake hit the country in April 2015 and the family of the goddess was marked save whereas, around 8,000 individuals lost their lives and a large amount of collateral damage was recorded.

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Upon being asked about the earthquake her father expressed:

“She had her eyes closed at that critical moment and told us not to move. We could tell she was in some sort of a trance, she opposed us from rushing out, the tremor passed we had not a single scar on our bodies”

“We knew that if she has declared that we would be safe from this deadly incident, we would be safe” He said.

No matter what storms Nepal has faced till now, the routine of a Kumari remains the same.




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The GODDESS Of Nepal – Yunika Bajracharya