Obvious Mistakes You May Have Never Noticed In The Movie The Notebook

If you haven’t watched the movie The Notebook, have you really lived? The 2004 film is based on a 1996 Nicholas Sparks novel and is a cultural phenomenon. Ask somebody for movie recommendations and The Notebook ALWAYS tops the list. It’s the perfect movie for anyone who loves romantic movies and shedding a tear or two over them. Not only that, but it’s almost impossible to not cry over the iconic kissing scene in the movie which to this day is constantly clipped and parodied. But the truth is the movie is filled with far more mistakes than you can imagine. Of course, you might have missed them because you’re so caught up and emotional as the film rolls, but if you set all of your emotions aside and watch closely, there’s A LOT for you to notice. We’re featuring 14 of the many mistakes in the movie for you to take a look at. You might never see the movie the same way again. Oops!

Via: metdaan

1. If you look closely, when Ryan Gosling is hanging off the Ferris wheel, you can also see his mic hanging on the back of his shirt.

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2. The movie is set in the 40’s. Most of the rides weren’t even invented back then.

Via: metdaan

3. Ryan Gosling had to wear brown contacts, to match James Garner’s eye color. But looks like he forgot to wear them in this scene and we can all see his blue eyes.