Reasons Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness Easily

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What is your definition of happiness? Probably a successful career, a faithful and loving partner, healthy social relationships and the freedom of being able to make your own decisions. Maybe these are the only things we all need to feel contented. The only ingredients required for the perfect soup of happiness.

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But the truth is, the definition of happiness differs from one person to another. There is no exact recipe. In fact, research into happiness has yielded something a little less obvious, highly intelligent have a hard time finding contentment. The higher the IQ, the lesser happiness. If ignorance is bliss, does that mean higher IQ equals to misery? As Ernest Hemingway wrote: “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

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Puzzling, I know. Well, here are 6 possible reasons why happiness seems to elude intelligent souls. Once you read these, everything will make sense to you.

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Reasons Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness Easily

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