15 Things That Happened To You Which You Cannot Just Deny!

We are all a little socially anxious, awkward, immature and crazy at heart. We like to pretend that we are not, but we genuinely are.

Here are a few tings that happen to all of us, but no one will ever accept it.

The struggle is real! 

Will they push me ahead? Will the cashier ask me to move? Will I drop the cash?

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How can you really know what you’ve missed on with your eyes closed for a few seconds?

What if the shower water is all bloody? What if the demon is looking at me? What if there is a crocodile in the washroom?

(Did I go too far?)

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My anxiety levels are just too high. 

I cannot even imagine asking them to move. Meanwhile, I might find a Pokemon in the grocery store.

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Like they say, you always judge people.

The tough choice is whether you should share your judgment or not.

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Stalking is an art that makes you lose the meaning of time, space, location and clicks.

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15 Things That Happened To You Which You Cannot Just Deny!

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