Beautiful Things Your Mother Did But Never Told You About

The word Mother means a female parent. But we all know that this word holds a much greater meaning. And a mother herself, we can’t even begin to describe her. She is a model of excellence, a pillar of trust and an ocean of selflessness. She’s the person you always want to call when you’re happy and always want to see when you are sad. You tell her everything but she has some things which she never told you. Ever. But we thought you should know about them.

You will always be her little baby.

No matter if you are fifteen or twenty or thirty-five, you will always be that little child who would hold her hand when he slept just because it made him feel safe. Whether you live with her or in another part of the world, she will always think if you ate on time or if you slept properly. You will always be her little baby no matter what happens.

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She cried because of you.

There were many moments when she had tears in her eyes because of you. When she came to know she was pregnant, when you took your first step, when you graduated, when you got married. Sometimes because she was frustrated when you didn’t listen to her and sometimes when she worried because you were away from her. But she never told you. Never.

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But it broke her heart every time you cried.

Be it a little scratch on your leg or heartbreak, she always cried when you cried because it all hurt her too. So all those times you thought that she didn’t know anything about what was going on with you, you were wrong.

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She wanted that last piece of cake.

Being a mother is all about being selfless and putting your children before yourself no matter what. And that is what she always did. She always left things for you even if she wanted them so bad. But she still did it for that smile which you would have on your face at the end of the day.

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Beautiful Things Your Mother Did But Never Told You About

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