If You Are A Woman, These Things You Will Understand Perfectly

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Being a woman is a struggle. Such a big struggle. So, if all the men out there think that we have a very carefree life and no problems at all, think again boys. Big things aside, we have to deal with all the little tiny stuff which makes us go bonkers. Finally finding the perfect pair of pants and finding yet another defect on it, dropping our brand new bottle of liquid foundation and seeing our dreams shatter or getting extremely uncomfortable because of that bra we have to wear all day long, it’s not easy. Not at all.

So we thought to make it easier for every guy to understand the struggles we have by putting up this post. If you are a guy, learn. If you are a woman, then shed a few tears because you all know how these little things stab our hearts.

That moment when you spend an hour making your hair and step out into a windy day:

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Even though letting your hair break free from a ponytail is heaven, it still makes you wonder if it was worth it.

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Finally finding a good pair of jeans only to find another defect in them.

The eyeliner goes bad all the time, Q-tips are the only things that can save us and the bad eyeliner day.

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If You Are A Woman, These Things You Will Understand Perfectly

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