Comparisons That Will Make You Feel Very Old

They say you only grow old if you stop accepting change with time.

The truth is that whether you adapt to changes or not, you are growing old.

Here are some time comparisons that will make you feel like:

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1. Stegosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Stegosaurus lived 150,000,000 years ago, but the Tyrannosaurus Rex is from more ‘latest’ times and became extinct 65,000,000 years ago.

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2. Betty White was born in 1922, while the bread slices were invented in 1928.

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3. The Earth has twice the amount of inhabitants than it did in your birth year.

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4. Cleopatra’s era.

Cleopatra died in 30 BC, and the pyramids were built in 2560 BC, while Pizza Hut opened in 1958! Guess Cleopatra was closer to the Pizza Hut age.

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Comparisons That Will Make You Feel Very Old

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