Man Gets Banned From Tinder for Calling A Woman “Chink”

An engineer from Oakland, California, named Kevin Tran shared his friend’s recent Tinder experience on Facebook.

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Kevin’s friend, who has decided to remain anonymous, met a guy on Tinder and their interaction resulted in a dramatic episode. Tran shared the screenshots of their brief conversation, exposing that this guy named “Nick” is a “racist misogynist”. Here is the complete story:

After the two got matched, they exchanged their phone numbers and Nick asked the girl out. 

After the girl, who got busy in-between the chat, stopped replying, Nick lost his mind and got abusive. 

Tran’s friend discussed this matter with him because he was their mutual connection on Tinder. Tran recognized him as someone from his college and realized that he was friends with him on Facebook too. 

“He exploded on her because she was taking a shower at the time and couldn’t respond. I think she said this was within a 15-minute time span. At first, I was skeptical and since I had known him previously, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. She showed me the screenshots and I was in shock.”, Tran told.