Top 10 Freakiest Places That Are REAL!

10- The Catacombs of Pairs

The City of Light, Paris, has its big mystery which lies beneath the beautiful city: THE CATACOMBS OF PARIS. It is a dark underground place where lies the body of 6 million inhabitants. These mining tunnels extend hundreds of miles. Creepily, you can get guided tours here too.

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9- Michigan’s Abandoned Dinosaur Amusement Park

“Abandoned amusement park” sounds scary, but when it comes to abandoned park filled with fiberglass dinosaurs? YIKES! In Irish Hills of Michigan, you can experience this horrifying place named THE PREHISTORIC FOREST. Looks like Jurassic Park got real!

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8- Royal Church of St. Francis in Evora

Another bone-dome is found in the Royal Church of St. Francis in Evora, Portugal known as the THE CHAPEL OF BONES. It was constructed in the late 16th century by Franciscan monks. Bones, bodies, and skulls are hung on the walls of the creepy Chapel.

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7- Muynak

The prosperous town turned into a havoc! An active fishing port is now a semi-ghost town which is now 150Km away from the shore. People left the place years ago and now there remain dusty boats. There are no signs of the native houses or buildings. VANISHED!

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6-Sedlec Ossuary

Ever heard of a church made of bones? Well no worries, as we show you the church of bones originated from 40000 human skeletons. This warm welcoming church lies within Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic.

Sedlec Ossuary gothic church coat of arms human bone
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Top 10 Freakiest Places That Are REAL!

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