Cruel Circus Forces Dolphins To Jump Through Fire Rings [Watch Here]

Have you ever heard about the travelling dolphin shows? No? Well, they’re very much real and awfully disturbing and cruel.

Via: TheDolphinProject

A disturbing video released by Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, shows dolphins performing in one of Indonesia’s travelling dolphin circuses. These dolphins are forced to perform tricks like jumping through hoops or doing flips, and then they are rewarded with pieces of dead fish.

Via: TheDolphinProject

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The video shows a dolphin leaping out of a shallow pool and darting through a ring of fire. The crowd cheers followed by a whistle blowing.

Via: TheDolphinProject

In the next scene, two dolphins swim on their backs, basketballs clasped between their pectoral fins. After that, a man tosses rings across the length of the pool for the dolphins to fetch. When they get the trick wrong, the man beats the water with a metal pole.

Via: TheDodo

While all captive dolphin facilities have welfare issues, the circuses in Indonesia seem to be the cruelest ones so far as they’re travelling.

Via: TheDolphinProject



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Cruel Circus Forces Dolphins To Jump Through Fire Rings [Watch Here]

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