Twitter’s Reaction To Trump’s And Trudeau’s Handshake Will Make You Laugh Hysterically

Donald Trump’s first month at the office has been full of comedy and tragedy. He has been stubbornly consistent in embarrassing his people and providing social media with much to talk about. Justin Trudeau’s visit was just another event that gave people plenty to laugh at. Be it Ivanka’s inability to hide her admiration for the Canadian Prime Minister or Trump’s handshake, memes have never been more creative. Although it was Trump’s first handshake that wasn’t awkward, have a look at the witty public responses that made a great deal out of it:

Here is the original photograph captured at just the right moment: 

No jerks this time. POTUS is finally becoming a pro. 

And here’s a proof of his impressive improvement:

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Any sane man would be reluctant

When Trudeau became symbolic of the entire mankind 

“Definitely washing my hand after this”

These are the strong hands of a man good at building walls