Cute Tumblr Posts About Dads Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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A father is the main pillar of the family. He is the one whom we go to when we need some advice on anything. No matter what the problem is, your dad will always have a solution to it. He sometimes acts as if there is nothing that could ever bother him, that he is so very strong and that he would never ever cry, but the truth is that dads are the ones who worry about you the most. They want you to succeed, to go far in life. They want you to get what you want and they want you to work hard for it. And along with all that, fathers also have an amazing sense of humor. It is like a universal power that all dads have. They are funny and know the tricks to make us laugh.

So here are some Tumblr posts about some dads which will definitely make you smile and laugh a lot.

He cares for you but he cares for everyone else too.


When he makes an effort to remember the little things.

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He knows that his jokes are the funniest in town.

But what he doesn’t know is that he shouldn’t touch things which belong to girls.



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Cute Tumblr Posts About Dads Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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