20 Times Twitter Was Brutal As Hell But Gave Us A Good Laugh

The internet is one place which can be sweet as sugar and at the same time cruel as hell. It doesn’t matter if you are a random person who is walking down a street or a famous pop star walking the red carpet, the internet has a way to troll everyone and everything in ways you can’t even imagine. And believe us, it is hilarious no matter how harsh the words are. And what better place to do it all than Twitter. So we put together some of the best Tweets which will surely give you a good laugh while making you feel bad for all those people too. But what can one do, the internet is a cruel place and we can’t really escape it even if we want to. Actually, we don’t really want to.

Some people observe and think very deeply.

Via Twitter: EliTerry

The time when the internet had some pretty interesting opinions on the Queen’s attire.

What ‘waste of money’ means to two different generations.

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Some great advice for all those vegans out there.

When it took this couple a tad bit longer to realize that they were expecting a baby.



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20 Times Twitter Was Brutal As Hell But Gave Us A Good Laugh

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