Twitter Replies to Donald Trump’s “Dress Like A Woman” Policy

If there is one thing that the new President is obsessed with, it is women. From showing off that he once held a woman in a wrong way, to sexually harassing women – he is a woman’s nightmare.

However, it is 2017 and the age of being oppressed by men is left far behind. When news emerged that Trump asked his female workers to dress like a woman, Twitter was keen to reply:

1. Wildfang, a womenswear brand, came out sharing bold photographs of some of the most iconic women in their normal attire.

2. Will Donald Trump send out woman soldiers dressed up in khaki dresses?

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3. How about someone working on such an important cause but dressing up in a short and sexy dress while at work?

4. How about her studying the rover on Mars and its surroundings continuously while being all dolled up?



Rida Mehtab

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Twitter Replies to Donald Trump’s “Dress Like A Woman” Policy

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