Ridiculous And Unbelievable Beauty Standards Of The Past

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If there’s something that keeps changing and evolving, it’s the female beauty standards. And when they say, “beauty demands sacrifice”, well, they really mean that. Here are 10 absolutely CRAZY and shocking beauty standards from the past which show the lengths a woman would and can go to, to achieve perfection and the perfect image.

15th-17th centuries: chopine shoes

In 15th-17th centuries, women wore chopine shoes. These shoes helped in protecting their dresses from mud and demonstrated a high social position. Shoes told others about the identity and status of their owner. The ladies who wore them needed a maid who would support her mistress. Why? Well, the height of chopine shoes could reach 50 cm.

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1939: makeup protection

This absurd device saved makeup from rain and snowfalls. But it had a drawback, it fogged up from the inside really quickly.

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20th century: dimples

No dimples? Not acceptable. In 1923, this device was put on the face, fastened behind the ears and chin, and with the help of 2 outgoing rods press on the cheeks heavily and painfully. With prolonged use, you would soon be blessed with dimples.

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Ridiculous And Unbelievable Beauty Standards Of The Past

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