Ridiculous And Unbelievable Beauty Standards Of The Past

Renaissance: high forehead, no eyelashes

Naturalness? Nah. In this period, a tall rounded forehead was especially fashionable, and the hairline was located as high as possible. Women also shaved their hair over their forehead to create a fashionable image. And it was necessary to completely get rid of the eyelashes using ordinary tweezers.

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England, 17th century: white skin

A product with lead and vinegar was used to make the skin whiter, but over time it turned yellow, and it was impossible to reverse this process. Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland, was a great fan of such cosmetics. Her face became so white that it was remembered in history as a “mask of youth.”

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England, 17th century: venous network

Women in this century used a blue pencil to draw veins on their neck, chest, and shoulders which signified their high birth and status.

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Victorian era: lip biting

Queen Victoria prohibited the use of cosmetics. But women did not give up. Instead of blush and lipstick, they had to bite their lips and pinch their cheeks.

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Ridiculous And Unbelievable Beauty Standards Of The Past

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