Unidentified Object Crash Lands in Myanmar

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
What on earth is it?

Via: Twitter @TheMyanmarTimes

A strange object crashed at an abandoned mine between Hmaw His Zar village and Nat Ma Pyeit village in Hpakant, Myanmar.

Hpakant Jade Mines Via: AGU Blogosphere

The witnesses claim that when it fell around 6 am, they thought that it was an explosion since they heard a huge bang, and the ground vibrated. To them, it sounded like some heavy artillery being fired, which scared them.

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There were no casualties in the incident, but the object tore through a miner’s tent. The village was filled with smoke.

Ko Maung Myo, who initially saw the object and took several photos of it, told The Myanmar Times that it was 3.7 feet in length and 5 feet in diameter. It smelled like something in it was still burning.

Via: Otto Radio



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Unidentified Object Crash Lands in Myanmar

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