Unknown Facts About Famous Conjoined Sisters Brittany and Abby Hensel

Conjoined twin sister, Brittany and Abby Hensel are quite famous since the time they allowed the media to have a glance at their personal lives. While the sisters have a single body, yet they have a number of organs that they each have their own, such as stomach, spine, heart, spinal cord, and lungs.

Twins are rarely born as conjoined, hence they got instant fame. Owing to the rarity, people are curious and would always love to know more about them. So, we have got together a few unknown facts about the famous conjoined twins.

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1. Brittany and Abby are one of the rarest cases of dicephalous twins in the whole world. Conjoined babies are formed once in every 200,000 live birth. The survival of these babies is nothing easy, hence Brittany and Abby are a miracle in themselves.

2.  Both of them have their own driving license. Both of them had to take written and driving test twice. Brittany control’s everything on the left of the driving seat while Abby controls right. 

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3. Same body but completely contrasting personalities; both of them have different interests. Where Brittany loves to write, Abby loves mathematics. 

4. Although neither of them hate or feel any less being conjoined, they are not a fan of people gawking at them or asking to take pictures with them . 

5. Abby and Brittany garnered attention when they first appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and posed for the cover of Life Magazine when they were six. 

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6. Initially, both of them wanted to pursue different subjects in education. But they both ended up graduating with a degree in education in 2012 from Bethel University. 

7. The are both two different individuals, which means that it is possible for one to remain healthy while the other gets sick. 

8. Because both of them have different tastes, their clothes are stylishly unique. Somedays they wear different colors of leggings and shoes. 

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9. The Conjoined Twin’s parents were asked by the doctors if they wanted to separate them. However, they rejected even the idea when they got to know that it is a risk to one of them’s life. 

10. The twins shared in an interview that they would like to date, get married, and eventually have kids. 



Unknown Facts About Famous Conjoined Sisters Brittany and Abby Hensel