Hysterical Tweets About Valentine’s Day To Crack You Up

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Valentine’s Day, a day of love, roses, balloons and flowers. A day when people celebrate their companionship with the person they adore the most. Sounds romantic, right? It surely is romantic. But at the same time, this day of love can bring out the best in all those people out there who don’t have a valentine and also those who are just no longer in the mood for being all cute and romantic. Be it making fun of all your friends who are in relationships or just taking a break from all those heartfelt cards and expensive flowers, we got it all right here. So here are some Tweets about Valentine’s Day which will surely give you a good laugh if you’re at home all alone with nothing but your laptop on your lap.

For all those single people out there, get some bread and head out towards that lake

This man has his priorities set for this Valentine’s Day

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When you no longer believe his words


That’s right, being strong and emotionless is the key



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Hysterical Tweets About Valentine’s Day To Crack You Up

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