Pictures Of Parents To-Be In Their Sugary Slumber

The start of parenthood can be one hell of a ride but it’s one of those times where the love and bond grows between the parents to be. Similar depictions of such moments were captured by a Russian photographer, Jana Romanova in her photography series Waiting. After randomly picturing of one of her friend’s who was expecting a baby, Jana came up with the idea to portray what she saw to the whole world. Thus she created this beautiful images which put forth a couple in the most natural and simple way, going through one of the most beautiful times of their lives. Capturing the emotions and actions of couples in the most private place of their lives, their bedrooms just to add that touch of originality and depth to the pictures. It has a setting of pure emotions and a magnitude so high that many can feel it in the depths of their hearts. The photographer herself says that ’There was something charming and magical in their poses, in the symmetry of their bodies.’ And every word of this sentence is true. So here we have a part of the series which gorgeously portrays the truth of life. The beauty of life. And the cycle of life.

Patience of life

Solace of the soul
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Silence of the heartbeat
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Calmness of the wait

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Rabbiya Abid

Pre-medical student who is madly in love with photography, writing and doodling along with staying in her room inside her own happy introverted bubble.

Pictures Of Parents To-Be In Their Sugary Slumber

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