18 Brilliant Ways to Fix Broken Objects With Waste And Leftover Supplies

Today, the world is full of environmentalists begging us to minimize waste.

We end up throwing so much waste without even realizing the consequences.

So here are some cool ways to use trash and repair random objects (and make them look better than before).

1. If you have a broken wall at home, let the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rescue you!

(I just love this idea!)

Via: Reddit

2. Use lego pieces to fix broken walls and turn them into miniature art.

Via: Jan Vormann

3. A boring and ruined wall can be fixed with diamond-like, shiny plastic material.

A shine fixes it all!

Via: Paige Smith

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4. It is painful to see your car in a bad state, but if you cannot afford to make the pain go away, here is something to calm you down.

(Almost like therapy)

Via: Design You Trust

5. An even better idea would be to fill in the spaces with some action figures and some leftover spray paint.

Via: Bored Panda



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18 Brilliant Ways to Fix Broken Objects With Waste And Leftover Supplies

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