11 Ways Of Using WD-40 In Places Other Than The Garage

You might have seen WD-40 in garages. It is a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. But have you ever thought that you could use it for multiple other purposes too?
Here are a few ways you can use it apart from its obvious function.

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1. Stops hinges from being squeaky

If the hinges of your door squeak a lot, you don’t have to change them. Just pray WD-40 until the door is silent.

spraying WD40 lubricant onto the door hinges to stop them squeaking
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2. Removes crayon from walls

Kids tend to go all Picasso on the walls, give them all the paper you have but they would color the walls regardless. Use WD-40 with a little bit of elbow grease and see the color vanished.

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3. Get rid of the sticker residue

It looks really bad to have sticker residue on your crockery. Rub WD-40 and have a neat and sparkling glass or plastic.

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11 Ways Of Using WD-40 In Places Other Than The Garage

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