When Offered A Drink, Say No To Strangers!

Hold your breath guys! We have some real weird news here.

“Once paid £6.50 by a complete stranger became a standing joke for Abby Fanton”.

Well, this took place on an ordinary day full of some extraordinary moments that were waiting for an 18 years old Abby Fanton to step inside a night club for a girls night out when someone named Liam made a pass on her and offered her to buy a drink worth £6.50 and in that unlucky moment she agreed to it. Maybe she was too carried away with his customary pick up lines or looks or who knows…. Attention?

The girl tweeted a strange yet embarrassing message that she got from an unknown guy asking her to deposit £6.50. Abby said that at first she was totally outraged by the text but then when she inquired more about the person it occurred to her that he was the guy from the bar. Well, you don’t get texts of this sort everyday but when you do, you know what to do!

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“Mostly, I have a look at the person’s footwear and if I am recalling it correctly, he was wearing Primark, so I assume he definitely needed the money… Even if he didn’t,  she continued, I paid him anyway.”

The texts that she received almost two weeks later the lousy night out said “I hope you don’t mind love but can you transfer me back £6.50.

“I just saw the post on someone’s news feed and thought it’d be fun to share it publicly. I think this demonstrates our customs these days. We generally see, people approaching for cash return for the times that didn’t go well. But we don’t get to see this sort of episodes” said Dale Chandler- Events manager for Viper Rooms.

“I am extremely mystified after coming along this news because I have never seen a person asking back money two weeks after the event specially when he wasn’t even drunk” – Dale Chandler.

Abby on the other end said that “We must have switched numbers because I absolutely remember saying that I needed something with vodka in and after that he bought me one. Later I strolled off”

After all what happened, Abby seriously needs to watch out whether or not to enjoy such an offer from a stranger next time!





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When Offered A Drink, Say No To Strangers!