Woman Abandoned Baby In Park For 7 Hours While She Went Boozing

A woman identified as Julie Gill has been jailed for a whole year after showing negligent behavior towards her daughter. The 44-year-old went out on a night for boozing leaving her baby in an overturned pram in a park in Blackpool.

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The woman who was supposed to be looking after her child, instead went on a drinking binge in the park and totally forgot she had abandoned her child in the park.

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The identity of the girl has been kept hidden for legal reasons. At around 7:30 am on July 24, she was found strapped into her pushchair face down in dirt. Thankfully, a man who passed by the little girl while walking his dog discovered her in time. The girl was left without a blanket, shoes or coat. Her face was covered with scrapes and dirt.

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Judge Robert Altham, said: “She could have died.”

Preston Crown Court heard the case and discovered Julie Gill had been drinking vodka at her home before going out for boozing and to meet a friend at the Blackpool Promenade.

After she finished drinking vodka and partying at the pub, she went on to Duple Club in nearby Bond Street. It was reported she left the club around midnight and walked away, pushing the baby in the buggy. She woke a neighbor around 4, shouting she had lost her keys not realizing the baby too wasn’t with her.

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Woman Abandoned Baby In Park For 7 Hours While She Went Boozing

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