5 Ways A Woman Must Reinvent Herself After A Trauma

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Among all divinely created marvels, the most extraordinarily charming is a woman. She is an aesthetic pleasure and a universe in herself, nurturing a fetus in the warmth of her womb, nursing a toddler in the tenderness of her breasts and nourishing it to be an adult.

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She’s delightsome when she’s a daughter, devoted when she’s a partner, and heavenly when she’s a mother, an epitome of love in all her forms.

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It is this capacity of dedication that makes her emotionally vulnerable. And when the care she gives is not reciprocated, she ends up questioning her own self. What she needs to understand is that she deserves respect and loyalty and must not compromise on her standards.

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Asma Tariq

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5 Ways A Woman Must Reinvent Herself After A Trauma

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