5 Ways A Woman Must Reinvent Herself After A Trauma

Within her delicate body is a mighty spirit, with the potential to reclaim hold of her life and make it inspirational. Following is a guideline towards restrengthening for a woman caught in self-doubt after a trauma.

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1. Leave the victim mentality

The first step towards being strong is freeing yourself of self-pity. By presenting yourself as a victim, you perpetuate the notion of social oppression of women. Feeling sorry for yourself over being treated unfairly is not the solution. Remember that how others behave towards you is very much in your own hands. Do not give them the liberty to take advantage of your weaknesses.

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2. Recognize your individuality

Create a sketch of your being in your mind. Discover and identify your unique abilities, polish and utilize them. Develop a vision and stand by your perspectives. Don’t get trapped into stagnancy. Challenge yourself mentally and physically.

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Asma Tariq

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5 Ways A Woman Must Reinvent Herself After A Trauma

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